Feria V post Dom I Nov

Petitionem tuam, Francisce, admitto.

Above the door of the Porziuncula there is a reminder that the prayers offered here are particularly well received.

I prayed there Tuesday night CEST. They were received. The president of the United States is responsible for hiring about 4k people to politically appointable positions. Between the two possible presidential winners, only one is at least tenuously attached to an agenda that does not seek to make war on what is good, while the other was an avowed representative of the forces seeking to subvert the morality of Christ. And nothing may be allowed to do this.

What I’m thinking about today, as of now:

  • Beautiful Mass this morning at the Clementine altar, sung by Dr. G.
  • Pope St. Leo’s Tomus ad Flavianum
  • Giving thanks to God.

Intentions for prayer: (for:) Bishop X, Carmel, FrMS, Madeleine Choir School (the people), the president elect, the faithful departed, Norcia (the monastery, the people), propinquis, benefactoribus.