Sabbato post dom I nov

There have been a number of ridiculous rumors coming from my presbyterate (how embarrassing) regarding the new bishop. Gossip, lies, and rumors. NB: anything that is said at this point only hurts Bishop X, and what good is that? Moreover, gossip is never becoming of a pastor. Then again, neither is heresy, so I suppose there’s little to be expected from some quarters other than gossip and lies. The Lord weeps.

What I’m thinking about today, as of now:

  • place to place to place: Casa to catacombs to the Via Ostiense to da Orazio to the Casa.
  • How much I want to be at the 20th anniversary celebration of the MCS.
  • The end of the world. November things.

Intentions for prayer: (for:) Bishop X, Carmel, FrMS, Madeleine Choir School (the people), the president elect, the faithful departed, Norcia (the monastery, the people), propinquis, benefactoribus.