feria ii post dom iii nov

St Cecilia. I went, I saw, I heard the crazy accompaniments to the Psalmody at Lauds this morning. I prayed. I was alone in the nave for most of the office; who wouldn’t want to go listen to an organist play around with Psalm tones for half an hour in the early morning? It’s the summary of music from the Gregorian through the contemporary with a strong emphasis on the Romantic. Today the Basilica is bedecked in finery spanning the centuries, luminous in the morning humidity. There’s a special glint in the mosaics, made more beautiful because of the privacy of the scene.

What I’m thinking about today, as of now:

  • Thanksgiving.
  • Karel Svoboda, and whether my French is as good as I think it is.

Intentions for prayer: (for:) Bishop X, Carmel, FrMS, music friends, the president elect, the faithful departed, Norcia (the monastery, the people), propinquis, benefactoribus.